by Zoe from Unempire

PINS. I challenge you, reader, to find a more affordable or unobtrusive way let people know you’re into something.

Tattoos are forever. T-shirts denote allegiance. Pins are a way to express oneself- at the very time one feels like expressing oneself – in a subtle, non-committal way. And the kids today are goin’ H.A.M on ‘em.

There is a pin for fucking everything. I’m not going to say “literally” everything, because that is literally impossible. But if you have a favourite obscure-cult-movie icon, cartoon character, food, body part, cuss-word, catchphrase, music icon, song lyric, animal, art style, political or social movement or more importantly, meme- I guarantee you’ll find a pin to stick on or around your person, so you can visually scream out to the world ‘HEY, motherfuckers, I like this thing and if you recognise what this thing is and like it too, I’ll probably like you too” – In a very tiny and very polite manner.

Here’s my current pics for the sickest pins on the market right now. I implore you to snap ‘em up A$AP then go puncture holes all your good jackets.

**HOT TIP: Rubber backings > metal backings. If you don’t wanna lose those lil suckas, get rubber backs (If your pin purchases don’t come with, you can buy a bag off ebay for a few bucks). They do not quit**

POICE, Zoe, Unempire

UNEMPIRE : Safe Sects and Plug Life


Just Fuck off
JUST FUCK OFF CO : Coupla local bad boss bitches from Melbourne, crushing the game.



PHOEBE PARADISE : Bae from Brizzy (my homeland so..) DOPE artist, designer and person…And her XXXX-Gold stubby and durry pins are my everything.


Its donuts
IT IS DONUTS : Skater, artist, visionary. Keep your notifications switched on for this m8, his shit is tasty.


Pin Jong
PIN JONG IL : Homie’s range is phresh. If you’re into hip hop, memes or hip hop memes… This is probably the pin-lord for you.


Prize Pins.jpg
PRIZE PINS : These bros are OG and have been in the game before it was a game – so deserve a S/O


EXPLORER’S PRESS : Save as above. I’ve got my first pin from these dudes years ago, and are still some of my faves. They’re legit AF.


THE CLUB OF ODD VOLUMES : Hi from the Club.

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